Finding and Installing Essential WordPress Plugins

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Here is a list of a few essential plugins that every WordPress user should definitely install. First off there is Akismet, a program which simply filters out all the spam and junk comments out of your blog; it basically takes out all the garbage for you.

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The second plugin you should install is the Broken Links Remover which basically scans all the links you have on your website and gives you a list of the ones that are broken so you don’t have to do all the work manually.

Another essential plugin which every WordPress blogger should have is the Cbnet Ping Optimizer, an application that sends a ping to all the search engines every time you make a new post or a noteworthy update… this will save you a lot of time on boring and repetitive labor so you can concentrate on more important tasks.

If you are not too keen on configuring the SEO of your website by yourself then you should definitely consider installing the All in One SEO Pack, which is basically a plugin that does all the boring SEO stuff on your webpage for you; all you need to do is simply fill out a basic form that will give the plugin all it needs.

If you want to increase the number of real comments on your blog then you should look into installing CommentLuv, a plugin which allows users who post comments to display a link back to their last blog post; if people are going to have the opportunity to direct attention to their own blog through yours, chances are they will be paying more attention to it.

Finally, you need to give your readers a fast and easy way of contacting you which is exactly what the Fast Secure Contact Form is for; it will allow your users to contact you fast and easy straight to your inbox all while filtering out the spam and bot messages.

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