What is internet marketing?

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What is Marketing?

Marketing is both something modern and something familiar. Exaggerating a little, we might suggest its origins go back to the roots of ancient peoples’ trade. Marketin is important today for any business seeking to succeed in a world as competitive as ours.


Internet and Marketing

Internet Marketing emerged in the early 1990s as plain, text-only web pages providing details about the product. So, as the internet evolves, I turn into commercials complete with graphics.
The Internet is now an increasingly powerful medium of communication and is being used by millions of people all over the world. As we know, the Internet is an interactive medium which, unlike conventional media such as radio or television, enables the potential client ‘s consumption habits and patterns to be identified and personalized information displayed accordingly.

The Internet has profoundly changed the marketing world and the corporate world at large. Hence, when designing our marketing strategy, we must take into account the use of this medium.

E-Marketing (Internet Marketing) is currently an alternative which businesses are increasingly using to disseminate and promote their goods and services.

Internet advertising offers many advantages:

– This makes very accurate and consistent evaluation of the results of the advertisement campaigns

– This makes direct contact with consumers or future users

– This makes continuous adjustments and changes of the campaigns as needed at the moment

– The “traditional” mode of communication is much cheaper than

– Analyze the type of clientele acquired by our product

There are actually several internet advertisement companies specializing in this. Such firms are committed to identifying advertisers, recommending them, designing internet advertisements and banners, developing internet marketing campaigns, analyzing markets …

Internet marketing strategies

Search engine e-marketing and email form the basis for today’s most successful campaigns.
Emerging platforms like forums, social networks, and RSS are gaining strength though.

It’s really strange that a single approach makes the Internet company successful. You have to define a multi-level marketing strategy, or choose the most appropriate strategy.
There are many options: building a sales oriented website, email marketing, optimizing the search engine (the best free advertising tool)

There’s no use simply having a website if it’s not effective for your business or business interests. Getting a web page without more, is of little use nowadays. If no-one knows or visits it, the business would have the same value as a shop in the middle of the desert!

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